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LME Copper Contract specifications. The S&P Global Platts assessment for lithium spodumene concentrate with 6% lithium oxide content (SC6) has fallen from $640/mt FOB Australia in January 2019 to $545/mt in September 2019. Last year saw four new spodumene operations enter the market and while concentrate (6% free on board Australia) traded either side of $900 a tonne for most of 2018, prices fell sharply in January. Welcome to the May 2019 edition of the lithium miner news. Spodumene is an important source of lithium for use in ceramics, mobile phone and automotive batteries, medicine, Pyroceram and as a fluxing agent. Dear SMM Cobalt and Lithium Industry customers: In the past two years, with the development of new energy industry, more and more spodumene concentrate is imported into China. Pricing for 6% spodumene concentrate has fallen drastically over the last ~1.5 years or so, with market prices now in the $585-650/t range. The company is expected to produce about 70,000 tonnes-80,000 tonnes of lithium concentrate when in full production in 2020, he added, without providing an outlook for the lithium market. Incremental increases were seen from all three of the country’s established producers; with Greenbushes, Mt Marion and Mt Cattlin recording 12%, 22% and 4% increases in shipments respectively. The price of lithium carbonate in China, which is typically used to calculate lithium spodumene prices, fell by 50.31% between January 2018 and the start of 2019, according to Fastmarkets’ assessments. The chart below illustrates the trend in Lithium Battery Grade and Spodumene prices since January 2017. IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: 5 key stories from January 12 IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: 5 key stories from … Lithium price trends: July 2019 spodumene price; lithium concentrate; lithium hard rock mine; Related news {{article|snippet:'title'|removeHtmlTags}} {{article|fields:'dates'|date:dateArticleFormat}} Morning briefs. Battery grade is measured as US$/kg and spodumene as US$/T. Mt Marion’s spodumene (min 6% Li2O) is being sold at $520.92 per tonne on a cif China basis in the fourth quarter of 2019, a fresh low for the year. Jun 28,2019 13:56 CST. Explore active and authentic list of Spodumene Concentrate importers in US based on bill of lading. Customs data also showed that about 163,000 mt of spodumene concentrate imports entered China in March, up 19% month on month and 55.7% year on year. Producers in Australia now sell spodumene concentrate (6% lithium used as feedstock for lithium hydroxide) for $550–$620 a tonne, down by a third in 2019 and “trending towards the lower end of this range throughout the month” according to UK-based Benchmark: Spodumene inventory large , prompting production pullback Spodumene concentrate, the feedstock for lithium hydroxide , is expected to face oversupply during the outlook period. 13 December 2019 Mt Marion 6% Spodumene Concentrate Pricing ... ("Mt Marion") advises that the sale price for 6% spodumene concentrate shipments for the quarter ended 31 December 2019 has now been finalised and will be US$520.92 CIF China per dry metric tonne ("dmt") compared with US$608.95 per dmt for the quarter ended 30 September 2019. Each LME tradeable contract is likewise governed by rules covering (but not limited to) prompt dates, settlement terms, traded and cleared currencies and minimum tick size. In the 2019 financial year ended June 30, Altura produced 105,202 tonnes of lithium spodumene concentrate and sold 77,680 tonnes of the same material. Add the fact that Li-ion batteries are also used for mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other wearable devices, and the demand for the commodity will surely increase as well. Mt Marion 6% Spodumene Concentrate Pricing. Price transparency in the spodumene concentrate market should improve in 2019, given that three ASX-listed companies have started exporting the product in the past six months. Contact us at +91-11-40703001 to have a list of 100% genuine Spodumene Concentrate buyers and Prices. Spodumene theoretically contains 8.03% Li2O and therefore the production of this mineral is greatly increasing because of the expanded use of lithium in the manufacture of high temperature insoluble lubricants, ceramics, pyrotechnics, non-ferrous welding fluxes, air purifying agents, and hydrogen isotopes. The price of lithium carbonate is up by 47% from 2015 and the year 2017 will see increased sales of pure electric cars. The abundance of spodumene supply and subsequent low price has drawn down input costs for Chinese converters, seeing the Platts lithium carbonate CIF North Asia assessment fall 22% over the same … Lithium is extracted from spodumene by fusing in acid after roasting to convert it to the more reactive β-spodumene. Published on January 06, 2021 17:25 PM In brief Pilbara Minerals’ sales increased by 38% to 70,609 dry metric tonnes of spodumene in the fourth quarter of 2020 due to improved spodumene concentrate demand […] Consensus Forecasts for Lithium The sample table below has been extracted from our April 2019 survey, showing price forecasts for Battery Grade Lithium. The latest indications suggest that 6% spodumene concentrate contract shipment prices are trading at around $600 /t CFR China – having been above $1,000 /t in Q3 2018 – with spot prices reportedly even lower. Fastmarkets' monthly spodumene (min 5-6% Li2O) contract price was assessed at $585-650 per tonne … Ltd which owns and operates the Mt Marion Lithium Project (“Mt Marion”) advises that the sale price for 6% spodumene concentrate shipments for the quarter ended 31 December 2019 has now been finalised and will be US$520.92 CIF China per dry metric tonne (“dmt”) compared with US$608.95 per dmt for the quarter ended 30 September 2019. 4th April 2019. …prompting miners to take evasive action It has long been CRU’s view that the lower-price environment will cause production cutbacks and the postponement of less-developed projects, to stop further raw material oversupply. It has long been our view that production cutbacks and project postponements would come about amid the lower-price environment. Summary. May was a … ASX ANNOUNCEMENT. This past month saw lithium prices mostly unchanged, except some slight fall in spodumene prices. These curtailments have started to materialise … In August 2019, CRU reported on the steady slide in prices that has occurred in the lithium market since the beginning of the year. December 2019. Spodumene prices are now included in our free service, ... 2019 09:28 GMT London Keywords. Imports in January-March stood at 445,000 mt, up 11.8% from the October-December period of 2018 and 58% … Every metal traded on the LME must conform to strict specifications regarding quality, lot size and shape. The content below was translated by Tencent automatically for reference. A correction in the oversupply of mined lithium products observed in 2018 and 2019 is on-going, with in excess of 30,000t LCE contained in spodumene concentrates estimated to be held in stockpiles at end-2019. translation. Page 1 | 1 ASX ANNOUNCEMENT 1 May 2019 Mt Marion 6% Spodumene Concentrate Pricing Mineral Resources Limited (ASX: MIN) (“MRL” or the “Company”), on behalf of Reed Industrial Metals Pty Ltd which owns and operates the Mt Marion Lithium Project (“Mt Marion”), advises that the sale price … In addition, Benchmark derives global average prices for both lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide as well as a lithium chemical index, weighted by volumes traded on the market. Reed Industrial Minerals Pty Ltd (RIM) … Lithium carbonate prices in China have dropped by nearly 20% since the beginning of 2019 to RMB 65,000/t, equivalent to $9.25/kg LCE. Mineral Resources Limited (ASX: MIN, MRL), Neometals Ltd (ASX: NMT, Neometals) and Ganfeng Lithium Co. Ltd (SZAE: 002460, GFL) are pleased to provide an update regarding the sale price for 6% spodumene concentrate from their Mt Marion lithium project (6% Price). Benchmark Minerals publishes 6 lithium carbonate (Li2CO3), 4 lithium hydroxide (LiOH) and 1 spodumene concentrate price. Lithium hydroxide has fallen by 30% to RMB 74,500/t, according to CRU’s price assessments. It was 75,000-83,000 yuan ($11,157-12,347) per tonne on January 3, 2019, down from 158,000-160,000 yuan per tonne on January 4, 2018. December 13, 2019 — 6.15pm. Last week, Pilbara Minerals said that it would restrict its lithium production in June and July due to reduced demand in the second quarter of 2019 caused by delays in the commissioning of chemical … Import prices of spodumene concentrate averaged $660/mt in March, down 15% from February, according to China Customs. In 2016, the price was forecast to be $500-600/ton for years to come. 15 November 2018. Fastmarkets' monthly assessment of the contract price for spodumene (minimum 5-6% Li2O) was at $585-650 per tonne cif China on Wednesday June 26, down from $600-670 per tonne on May 29. China is the world’s largest user of lithium, accounting for 57% of global demand in 2019, and is also the biggest supplier of lithium converted products. Altura achieved an average price of $600 per tonne on a cif China basis for its min 6% lithium spodumene concentrate in the June quarter. The lithium industry’s leading spodumene producer, Talison Minerals Pty Ltd has reacted to the closure of its biggest competitor, Tantalum Mining Corp. of Canada Ltd. by increasing glass grade spodumene by 10%. Source: SMM. Some producers have published guidance of US$560–US$600 a tonne for spodumene concentrate. A summary of Australian spodumene concentrate miner Pilbara Minerals‘ results for the fourth quarter of 2020, released on Wednesday January 6. Continued weak spodumene concentrate prices have caused lithium mineral operations to target reducing production costs through improved recovery, strip ratios and in-situ grades. Australian lithium spodumene concentrate producer Mineral Resources announced lower fourth-quarter prices from its Mt Marion mine in Western Australia on Friday December 13. 119. Exports of spodumene concentrate from Australia continued to ramp up in 2018 – with three new mines beginning shipments from ports across Western Australia. We now expect spodumene concentrate prices to average $650 /t for 2019 as a whole, with prices declining through the remainder of H2. The lithium project, situated in Ganzi in western province of Sichuan, is expected to produce about 30,000 tonnes of lithium concentrate this year, the official said requesting anonymity. Investing in Lithium. Normal text size Larger text size Very large text size. Sales of spodumene concentrates in China during the last month have been low. Since then, prices have continued to fall, CRU notes.. Lithium carbonate prices in China dropped between January and August 2019 by nearly 20% since the beginning of 2019 to RMB 65,000/t, equivalent to $9.25/kg LCE. During the March Quarter of 2019 the mine produced 38,291wmt of premium spodumene (lithium) concentrate and by-product concentrates containing 34,380Lbs of tantalum pentoxide. Spodumene prices vary with product quality and comparison Currently, there are six prices of lithium carbonate, four for lithium hydroxide and one spodumene concentrate price: Benchmark Minerals, Lithium Carbonate, 99 … In February 2019, China’s total imports of cobalt amounted to 3,826 metal tons, down 30% from the previous month and down 28% year-on-year. Although hard-rock producers have lower costs, the price they receive for their end product, usually spodumene concentrate, is significantly lower than that received for lithium carbonate, chloride and hydroxide, which are produced at brine operations.
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