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According to a recent survey (with an 81% response rate), Hack Reactor graduates earn an average salary of $85,000 in New York City. The more time you have for the job search the better otherwise you may have to take a position less desirable or worse- drop out of the job search all together. The curriculum is fantastic. Excellence - from prep all the way through a job offer. Forgot account? Not to mention, any feedback you have is well received and addressed.I have a lot of experience around educators and have known many great ones. Hack Reactor rapidly iterates their curriculum to keep up with the changing demand of skills in the web development field. Reviews. Review for HR Los Angeles - As far as bootcamps go, great! I honestly don't know how she does it all with an ever growing network of Alumni.In addition to being a tremendous resource when you reach out to her, Marlene actively reaches out to the Alumni network to collect feedback and make it even better. ABOUT HACK REACTOR. Our Story. Ask questions, read articles, explore related topics, break things, and find the multiple ways to fix what you broke. Hack Reactor is one of the premier advanced coding school with an acceptance rate less than Harvard school. In response to financial uncertainty, we’ve updated our income share agreement terms to be even more accommodating for our students. I chose to go to hack reactor primarily out of curiosity, and looking back 5 years, I am happy to say that the ROI was definitely there for me. The real start of the show, and the one thing that continues to provide immense value on a consistent basis is its extremely dedicated Alumni Director, Marlene, and her superhuman program. They were there with the intention of helping people become software engineers, and would go above and beyond to try and make that happen. are the deep dive into JS internals and the debugging process. Tech jobs are concentrated around key cities such as Seattle, Bay Area (SF + Palo Alto), L.A., Austin, New York, D.C., Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, and Denver. I would recommend going through the Free Code Camp curriculum and doing practice problems on Code Wars and maybe LeetCode. Explore other careers . There were a few bumps during the transition (lots of stuff had to be moved, furniture had to be rearranged, etc. They groom you to be a Software Engineer in the whole. Hack Reactor is a software engineering Coding Bootcamp education program founded in San Francisco by Anthony Phillips, Shawn Drost, Marcus Phillips, and Douglas Calhoun in 2012. What felt infuriatingly arcane and out-of-reach only days ago is suddenly crystal … Here’s my experience from day 0 to receiving a scholarship. Every Hacker in Residence (HiR) who had gone through the program before had a similar story and experience to what we were going through and assisted us with understanding and kindness. After hack reactor, I can say that I was mostly autonomous and could finally start to figure out tough issues by myself. When researching bootcamps prior to taking Hack Reactor, I found it VERY fishy that there were little to no negative reviews of them online too (BTW the things NoriMaki says on their Hacker Noon post, one of the only critical reviews I found about the bootcamp, is true). There is only so much HR can do for you. As someone who decided to do both a CS degree and Hack Reactor they both have their merits, but in terms of learning practical programming skills that you will be able to apply immediately, Hack Reactor wins hands down. You won't get placement in top tier companies, but you'll get a foot in the door in the tech industry. I did Hack Reactor Remote from July-October, 2018. 4.8. With this, you can confidently be reassured that Hack Reactor are constantly on the lookout to make you the most desirable software engineer possible. Posts. Hack Reactor grads make $104,000 salaries after the 12-week bootcamp. After graduation, the job support counselors also guide you through the job search process, and they're very attentive about finding opportunities that are tailored for your interests. We focus on building autonomous, capable software engineers that employers are looking for. While some of my peers landed jobs immediately, the bulk of us took around 4 - 5 months to land jobs, and some took even longer than that. For this reason, many people in the cohorts I was familiar with are now turning to searching for unpaid internships... Hack Reactor is by the far one of the best boot camps you can now attend. App Academy. This is has been the most amazing experience I had ever encounter. I needed a change, new problems to solve, and an opportunity to be a true continuous learner. Hack Reactor changed my life, and I’m really enjoying my new career. Because Hack Reactor covers a lot of ground in such a short time period, I find that I grasp the material much better the second time that I am exposed to it. I can't emphasize enough that this is the one thing that puts Hack Reactor leaps and bounds ahead competition. Hack Reactor breaks down what JavaScript is, what JavaScript is used for, and why we use JavaScript as a programming language. Job Assistance. You also form job search groups with your peers so that you can study together and share advice/experiences with coding interviews.Final Tips/Advice I have three things that you should do prior to Hack Reactor. This was by far the most intensive training program I have ever been through and this is coming from a guy who worked on 2 master's degrees simultaneously in grad school (seriously don't do 2 degrees at once). By the end of the program, many of my peers had become some of my best friends. After 3 months, I could build full stack web applications, I had learned how to teach myself new technologies, I learned how to debug and find answers, I had a pretty good understanding of data structures and algorithms, I knew a bit about system design, and I had gotten some practice for technical interviews under my belt. I actually met a graduate from LA20 at a job interview in October and he still hadnt found a job yet, meaning he had been looking for somewhere around a year.This is mostly due to what appears to be a severe lack in junior level and mid-level jobs in the LA area, but it also proves that now-a-days, going to an expensive coding bootcamp will not increase your chances of getting a job. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. It was fun, and intense, and I distinctly remember it being a work hard, get rewarded type of scenario. If you do read, please read it all. Hack Reactor provides you with a career coach during your job search. © 2021 Trustpilot, Inc. All rights reserved. Is a Bootcamp worth it? The second half is less structured than the first and more like a real world work experience. I brought it up, and as usual, without hesitation, she dove right in, set up meetings with companies, reviewed resumes, emails, and made sure I stayed on track. The staff is there immediately to help even before the program actually starts. We now have the best ISA in the industry. You will learn database optimization, AWS, Docker, Load Balancer, Agile Methodology, etc. That's as much as you could ask of any program--especially one which prides itself on being ever-growing, ever-iterating, ever-improving.If you're considering a career change into software engineering, Hack Reactor is the best investment you can make in yourself. The TLDR version is that I attended Hack Reactor Remote (July - Oct 2018), and 5 months after graduating I started my new job as a Google Software Engineer. At every stage, HRR provided the support I needed while keeping things very transparent about where I could improve. Explore related careers in US. THIS IS THE TIME YOU NEED TO WORK EXTRA HARD! Hack Reactor has incorporated Blockchain curriculum exclusively in their online coding bootcamp (Hack Reactor Remote) cohorts to empower our student programmers upfront, on the heels of this emerging technology. WHO IS HR FOR?Attend HR if you are able to be self-driven, motivated, and have a strong work ethic and passion for coding. Hack Reactor is an online school that teaches courses in software engineering and design. With over 800 hours of training from the most experienced industry professionals, Hack Reactor is dedicated to providing its students the highest quality education. Going to Hack Reactor was the Best Decision I've Ever Made! All I had to do was study! OVERALLWhy did I remove a star? Log In. Hack Reactor is an immersive software development coding bootcamp which offers a range of courses and career services. Despite all the fear, if you are a passionate individual who has a strong work ethic and is willing to commit 100% of your time for at least 6 months with no back-up or fail safe options then I know you'll succeed. Your trust is our top concern, so companies can't alter or remove reviews. However, after the first day of the program I was immediately supported by the HR faculty and my cohort mates. They can teach you the skills, but the rest is up to you. I do not recommend this course if you are coming in half-assed and are expecting a fat paycheck to be handed to you at the end of the course. Their success rides on the success rate of their students, and so they truly care about their student’s success. Hack Reactor was a good experience, as part of the marketing team I had the opportunity to learn new tools and develop my analytical skills. 2) Study hard prior to starting Hack Reactor. The 2nd half the course is project-base, one frontend and one backend. I wasn't sure if I was able to succeed in computer science. My salary as a Software Engineer is average for the town I work in (Austin, TX), and yet it is still twice as much as anything I ever earned while working in hospitality.Should you consider this program? Just a little background on myself: I was an educator that was determined to be the exception and remain a teacher for the entirety of my working years. I could not be more thankful for both the technical excellence Hack Reactor gave me, and the coaching she gave me to leverage that excellence in the real world.I hope my glowing review doesn't read as improbable--Hack Reactor is not perfect. Hack Reactor’s mission is to provide three things: Curriculum, Capital, and Community. It really is a tough question, but I’m glad I did it. Read a lot. I attended Hack Reactor Los Angeles in summer of 18 and I had a very mixed and eye-opening experience. It still surprises me, up till today, how much I've managed to achieve in such a short amount of time. Coding Dojo is a bootcamp that offers courses in software engineering and design. This curriculum, method of instruction, and stellar career services yielded two job offers within a month.If I had it all to do over again, I would choose this program again in a heartbeat. A lot of the learning will be spent doing research on your own, but that's what its like in the real world as well, so don't worry. Or here's another one, say you wanted to learn a foreign language, what is more statistically successful- taking a Spanish class 3 days a week at your local university for an hour or saying to hell with it and moving to Spain for 3 months and speaking only Spanish? or. I had to learn quite a bit to even be ready to apply to the program, and SSP gave me the structure, support, and resources I needed to make it into Hack Reactor.HACK REACTOR: This program is not for the weak, but it works! Coding Dojo VS Hack Reactor is based on 18 applicant, student and graduate reviews. You get a similar experience as those on campus, but with an added opportunity of working with people from all over the world, and not just those from the U.S. They will be expecting you to be at 20% once the program begins. Events. I will be documenting my journey week by week. BEFORE YOU READ: If you are not a diligent, self-motivated person, or if you think you can just easily get 100k+ salary right after you finish the bootcamp, then don’t even bother go to ANY bootcamps. San Francisco-based Hack Reactor (formerly known as “Catalyst Class”) is a 12 weeks long programming boot camp. Hack Reactor, I feel, best models the real world of Software Engineering because you are thrown in and left to largely fend for yourself. or. ★★★★★ If you are planning to go serious into software, Hack Reactor is the best thing you can possibly do. During my time there, the head of oporations told us that 25%, not 3% of applicants are accepted, demeaning the exclusivity of the entire experience. I continued studying after graduation in order to do better in interviews. During the last week several of us met up IRL in San Francisco. I won't sugar coat things, I felt burned out about halfway through the program (in hindsight I should have forced myself to take Sundays off), but thanks to the incredible staff they really lifted my spirits and encouraged me to keep pushing forward. There are people saying L.A has few openings for new developers. Remember to take notes and get through as many possible tasks as you can! Whether you're thinking about which boot camp to go to, or are currently a student, or have graduated long ago, you can rest assured that Marlene will take care of you. Our Story. App Academy is highly … If you have questions about any part of the experience--prep, price, difficulty, job hunt experience, etc--I'd love to talk! Hack Reactor is a software engineering Coding Bootcamp education program founded in San Francisco by Anthony Phillips, Shawn Drost, Marcus Phillips, and Douglas Calhoun in 2012. Many of my cohort mates and I have had to slave away for months applying, interviewing, and coding to be successful. Hack Reactor is as much a bootcamp in time management, morale management, self-care, asking for help, and sheer grit as it is a bootcamp in software engineering. It was voted as the best coding school in the world by Switchup and best coding school in Silicon Valley by Tech Cocktail. It is a rigorous program, requiring some level of grit and above all, challenged me to think like an engineer. I will say that, if you have the money to spend, that attending Hack Reactor will be the fastest way to get a broad range of skills and a general understanding of how to work with a basic MEAN/MERN stack. I’m also going to share some of my favorite resources for learning. Being autonomous and a self learner is a must to succeed in Hack Reactor. 4.8 out of 5 stars. Hack Reactor Los Angeles is an immersive software development coding bootcamp which offers a range of courses and career services. My counselor was Nicole and she was such a key part of the process. Quora Reviews. 8 Hack Reactor reviews in New York City, NY. Austin, TX (2) Career recommendations for Fellow. Create New Account. I did Hack Reactor's full time Structured Study Program for about a month prior to getting into Hack Reactor. I dropped out after the first half, receieved half my money back (almost 9k), and finished the second half at home. I attended Hack Reactor in … I have no regrets. Hack reactor reviews. Hack Reactor reviews Write a review 4.8 / 5 49 reviews Verfied answers from graduates of this school will include this badge . Hack Reactor is as much a bootcamp in time management, morale management, self-care, asking for help, and sheer grit as it is a bootcamp in software engineering. Hack Reactor is an immersive software development coding bootcamp which offers a range of courses and career services. I’m also going to share some of my favorite resources for learning. Hack Reactor’s immersive software engineering program covers over 800 hours of coursework. Their coding bootcamp is currently offered in 12-week Full-Time and 9-month Part-Time formats, in-person in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York City and Austin, as well as remotely, live online. When I was in the boot camp, I was desperate for help and kinda think Hack Reactor is doing a bad job teaching without telling me the answer. The good news is, while it's a lot of work, it's also incredibly fun and you'll hopefully make some great friends along the way. Read a lot. The job search is hard and frustrating because you get rejected, and some companies aren’t even willing to give you a technical challenge because you don’t have X years of experience. 4.8. It is a difficult question, especially because Hack Reactor isn’t cheap. Upfront tuition for the full-time program is $17,980 and financing options are available through Skills Fund and Climb. If you did not have the motivation and self discipline to apply yourself in this part of the course, you were more likely to not absorb the material. The image of a lone wolf programmer hacking away in a dimly lit cave surrounded by empty cans of monster energy is just a myth. I bet their success rates are some of the strongest, and I am 100% certain their success rates trounce the self-taught crowd’s success rate.If you are still on the fence, try taking the entrance exam. Overall, amazing! Master the language of the web and the most commonly used programming language. Together, they make a stellar pair, and I cannot recommend them highly enough.As for the curriculum: it is indeed immensely challenging. If you've considered a career switch to Software Engineering than I highly recommend that you take the leap of faith and enroll in Hack Reactor.During your time at Hack Reactor you learn not only how to code like an engineer but to think like one as well. Their outcomes stats paint a clear picture of excellence, and I'm ecstatic to be a new brushstroke of that picture. Hack Reactor Remote // Goodbye Precourse. A review of Hack Reactor’s Premium Prep (formerly SSP) Hack Reactor has a relatively new bootcamp prep program. You will be expected to put in a lot of work to grow as an engineer. Create New Account. Hack Reactor's accelerated program was just what I needed to take a minimal loan while pursuing a change in passion from bikes to software. My journey with Hack Reactor was an extensive one, all the way from the prep course till now, after landing my ideal job as a software engineer. Sure, there are other great Boot Camps, but I have no doubt that Hack Reactor is one of the best.Helping teach after my graduation further convinced me of this - I worked with the staff for three extra months, and I got to sit in on their many weekly meetings. They groom you to be a Software Engineer in the whole. Q3: I heard some people say there is not much supervising, especially during the project phase, is that a bad sign?A: NOT AT ALL! or. They will make sure you've exhausted all of your resources before pointing you in the right direction. Is it right for you? You will feel overwhelmed. They do have some fantastic group-based milestone projects, which would be impossible to do by yourself. However, one of my favorite teachers I’ve ever had is at HackReactor in Austin. Remote (online), free, part-time and self-paced courses are also available. Master the language of the web and the most commonly used programming language. Hack Reactor was a very fun place to work " (in 22 reviews) " The team I worked with were fun, hard working and intelligent, but then again, that as the entire staff and students " (in 7 reviews) Cons. I'm very happy where I am and excited about the future. 92 % Approve of CEO. App Academy is a bootcamp that offers courses in software engineering and design. I have finally secured a job I've only dreamed of in the past and my only regret is not taking the plunge sooner! Do you agree with Hack Reactor’s star rating? Codesmith and Hack Reactor are two coding bootcamps boasting high graduation rates, impressive student salaries and the curriculum to help students succeed. The reviews online of Hack Reactor are mixed, but fairly positive. The CS degree for the 21st century. You need to connect with people! I am pretty sure an intern’s skill level in a tech company can easily beat the top students in your cohort. Many real developers spend almost 50% of their time researching. Hack Reactor offers 12-week full-time and 36-week part-time software engineering programs at their campuses in San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, Austin, Denver, Boulder, Seattle, Phoenix, or online. And on the subject of the difficulty, I should mention: it's a level playing field. The role was remote so I can't say much about the culture except they have intelligent and resourceful people in the company. Full-Stack Software Engineering with JavaScript. Specialties: Turning talented coders into full-stack Software Engineers over 12 weeks, during 800+ hours of JavaScript-focused professional instruction. The Hack Reactor program strives to teach more than just web programming. They do a townhall every week to gather comments / criticism / advice from all students and they will try their best to change the operation based on people’s opinion.Overall, I will 100% recommend Hack Reactor if you really prepare to work hard. Also, the Hack Reactor culture and community is amazing, which made it very easy to meet new people to network with, study with, and even become friends with.As a staff, I was always blown away by how much everyone cared. meaning, If i ran into a big enough problem, I had no idea where to turn to solve it. Is the material good? Some websites have pointed out that programs like Hack Reactor are working hard to fill the hiring gap in the tech indus… If you do not currently live near a tech hub, I would highly recommend that you consider moving to one either before or after you go through Hack Reactor.Final Verdict Hack Reactor is absolutely worth it. This … The staff is really knowledgeable and compassionate. We got to know one another and work together in many of the same ways that you would in a physical classroom. Create New Account. Though our individual strengths and weaknesses matched up differently with different parts of the material, every last one of us had to struggle and wrestle and fight our way through--a shared experience which forged deep bonds amongst all of us.Finally, career support. The staff is always kind, direct, and extremely helpful. If your current path is not uphill then you are going the wrong way. She is meticulous about tracking your progress and your setbacks and being proactive to resolve them with you. I studied 9am-10pm 6 days a week for 3 months. If you can work super hard in Hack Reactor and reaching out to people in the industry after graduation, I am sure you can get your foot in the developer industry!
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