“Seers” are a group within this prophetic gifting, in that they “see” the events in the spirit before or as they happen. ... A Bard of Breath would have a very dependant and inflexible or stubborn personality. State of Action: Active. I figured I’d put out the ones I did in the case of someone wanting to make a fantroll, since personality will write itself if you decide on a classpect first. Heart & Mind; Breath & Blood; Life & Doom; 2) Look at each individual aspect, and consider how you typically interact with it. The Page will try to seem like the most informed in a topic, and fail completely. bladekindeyewear and infinitywhale go into more depth here and here.) Description on this personality switch: History: Before creating this, I was trying to figure out what causes people to “switch” their classes and I know aspect plays a bigger part in inversion rather than the class. They might have a warped sense of justice or morality. Eli Clark is a Seer possessing the Great Eye, and this mysterious ability is obviously related to his trusted owl who accompanies him. CHART. Based on the answers you got, look at the chart below and see where you land in terms of your class and aspect: SAMPLE. Eli Clark, also known as the Seerand previously known as the Fortune Teller, is a survivor available for purchase after completion of the prologue. This is the most broad example of what a seer is. (See Aspect Keywords post for reference. See, turn our eye to Terezi Pyrope, who as a Seer, saw the consequences of actions. For interactions, here are some keywords for class types: Manipulate/Change (Witch/Heir) Understand (Mage/Seer) I can see there being two sides to a Maid of Mind in the way that they hide their true persona from other people. Seer of Doom. In order to help one of my friends decide on what his classpect would be, I wrote up a ton of descriptions for how they’d be assigned based on personality. Here are my scores for the tests: Motivation of Actions: Altruism. Sylph of Time. Sylph of Heart. Classpect Personality List. Witch of Heart. What they make would be more so what the personality shown to people would be expected to make; meaning there is a whole different side to them that wants to make something different. -Editx2 Combo: I feel like I should expand on the personality. Sylphs: 8. We make sure that every member here gets to learn and experience techniques that suits his personality and lifestyle for effective growth and transformation. The Seer of Rage, who hates lies and the stability false ideas can impart, would certainly have things to say about the Thief of Mind. Generally speaking, a seer is someone who can “see” what God … Seer of Rage. State of Mind: Based on the optimist vs pessimist test, write what you got. ... Seer … A Seer of Breath will likely struggle at first with the idea of being truly free and independent. - - - - - - - - Witches: 8. Most Pages of Mind (or most Mind players at all really) will have at least a minor interest in politics, justice, or the like. ... Seer of Heart. Witch of Void. MINDSEER is a platform for providing Yoga based tools and solutions focussed purely on empowering people for achieving better mental health. Seer of Mind. Witch of Time. As far as Inspiring Aspect goes, I’d say in a Symbolic sense, the Mind aspect means that the Muse inspires very rationally made decisions and choices in their team mates but potentially a degree of pragmatism lack of emotional morality. Seer of Blood . Seer of Mind: Seers have a deep understanding of their aspect and use that knowledge to assist their team. Seer of Life. In this state of mind, you are usually at your most relaxed and happiest. Mind is about decisions, actions and the mind itself. This is a prophetic gift, one of the spiritual gifts. This would come out at times but not as much. They never stray too far without having some form of connection to someone else. Preferred Perception: Pneumatic. From there you can find any aesthetics, personality descriptions, fraymotifs, or lands I have done for them. Witch of Mind. The Seer of Mind will be able to see every decision a person is about to make and will be able to manipulate them very slightly.