[2], Of the 27 criminal charges brought against him, he was only convicted of four, before his death (by sudden heart attack) at age 47 in 2001. I want it in writing. Just how big was Mehta? Let me check   Practice what you preach. Mr. Mehta, don't worry. Do you think we are a******s! Just keep a low profile. Nakuul Mehta is an Indian television actor known for portraying Shivaay Singh Oberoi in Ishqbaaaz, Aditya Harish Kumar in Pyaar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyaara Pyaara and Sumer Singh Dhillon in Never Kiss Your Best Friend. Come on, everybody. Mr. Mehta, narcotics,is not like a share market scam. They might be tapping our phones,maybe your phone is also being tapped. Where is Bunty? [citation needed], He did his early study in Janta Public School, Camp 2 Bhilai. If you are charged with this, you can forget about living a normal life. Harshad Mehta started using that money and started investing in a selected stocks & rigging the market. That's why he resigned. [Music playing], Do you believe in God? If you act smart, I'll piss on your face. At least that. He who reaps, gets God. I'm sure you all are very learned men. Or you would have let the PM off the hook. From Oct 2005 to June 2008 Era witnesses more scams in Citibank, during which Mr.P.S Jayakumar was the Country Business Manager – Consumer Group for Citibank NA. Come in quickly. Riots are going on because of the Babri Masjid demolition,but my family is more scared of the CBI than the riots. Yes. Whenever I call Swami ji, his disciples say he is meditating. [swami] 'That makes sense. [CBI Officer] 'Okay, sir.' He hasn't lost his humour. But it'll be better if you tell us. Step outside. The whole truth will be out. This went on as long as the stock prices kept going up, and no one had a clue about Mehta's operations. Did I ever say Gaitonde was my friend? They are not holding him for interrogation anymore. Income tax, CBI, press, everyone is after you,I know,Everyone is after me. Let me get out of here. His early childhood was spent in Borivali, where his father was a small-time textile businessman. Harshad, a lot of names have already been taken before the JPC. Does money grow on trees? But since all our documents are under intense scrutiny,a press hearing can happen anytime. Relax. Come on. I think someone is following us. You've conducted such a big fraud,that we need an army of accountants just to get the estimates. It began with one man: Harshad Mehta. Warrant? I've seen the undertaking. 'So now you're creating rumours in the press also?' purchase & sell of government bonds through brokers used to be settled in 14 days, and in that period, money used to be kept in the account of broker. What happens next, we'll only know on the 13th. Do you have any idea that Niraj has a narcotics business? 'Lots of fruits, Mr. Let it go. The CBI has eyes on us 24/7. Sir,such a huge scam,such a huge financial fraud, that we're still only estimating the numbers,And you're trying to tell me that Harshad pulled it off on his own! With connections, you can get anything done. If he spoke clearly, I'd let him go. You should know that we have already seen,some of your books and have several issues with it. It's my job to prove. 'You've become quite health conscious.' Harshad? What about the Prime Minister? [12], During this period, especially in 1990–1991, the media portrayed a heightened deified image of Mehta, calling him "The Big Bull". Tell me. What is it? What information? But he's not willing to talk. Yeah? It's my story. We have met a couple of times. It's impossible to run a business on this road with honesty and hard work. Or learn the master's answer by rote and repeat it like a parrot. Wipe your face. Stop bullshitting. First published in April 1993, the book was an immediate bestseller but had been out of print for a while. Don't worry. The more influential they are,the higher your business will soar. Ram uncle, you're the god of the judiciary. I'm serious, sir. The bank receipts were used in short-term bank-to-bank lending, known as "ready forward" transactions, which Mehta's firm brokered. 'We have tons of information but we can do nothing with it.' [Das] 'Journalist?' Tell me! Mehta’s involvement in the 1992 Indian securities scam made him infamous as a market manipulator. There are some foreign banks who thought they would get away with anything. Personal vendetta, sir? What is this? the seller of securities, gave the buyer of the securities a BR. In the early 1980s, he moved to a lower level clerical job at the brokerage firm Harjivandas Nemidas Securities where he worked a jobber for the broker Prasann Pranjivandas Broker who he considered his "Guru". The scam was encouraged,initiated and sustained by the government. [1] Because I've done a scam? Harshad, you're making your life more and more difficult. Just how big was Mehta? Sir, why do you look surprised? [14] Here you are. Joint secretary to PM. Don't worry. Stockbroker Harshad Mehta releasing evidence re his claim of bribing PM Rao to halt 1991 investigation into stock scam case against him, charge Rao denies. In what language should I speak? These jokers are clueless about how business is done in India. I don't take such risky short positions. Do one thing, file as many FIRs as possible, against him. You just cannot drag an innocent prime minister into this mess. What's this obsession that you have with Prime Ministers? I am shooting this video so that, if something happens to me,people should know who is behind it. They even arrested me, goddamn it! We'll ask the right question. You were the best at the academy. No. His company's name, Growmore Research and Asset Management Ltd, reflected that mojo. CBI can do anything to me and my family. But there is … I hope so. I'm ready to cooperate with all the investigative agencies. No. Do you people even understand anything? The UCO bill discounting case, the PFC deal,File FIRs in all cases. It'll be fine. There has to be some middle ground. Mehta used this money temporarily in his account to buy shares, thus hiking up demand of certain shares (of good established companies like ACC, Sterlite Industries and Videocon) dramatically, selling them off, passing on a part of the proceeds to the bank and kept the rest for himself. Your bank is involved in irregularities like other banks. Yes. Why should I let it go? To keep up a semblance of legality, they pretended to be undertaking the transactions on behalf of a bank. This is the language of the business,  Shut up! Who is this Mohan Lal, then? I can't live like this, hiding in fear. They still mean you. No, really, everything is over. I realise. Bunty. Around one crore or something. Don't you understand? 'I just want you to stay away from this investigation.' It's in everybody's best interest. Then, we can't meet like this. What story? Just say what Parulkar wants you to. Or for you and your bank? Stop it, Mummy,  Go, eat something and go to sleep. That journalist,Sucheta,Sucheta Dalal. Mehta used forged BRs to gain unsecured loans, and used several small banks to issue BRs on demand. A couple of times? Ma'am, what's going on? Forty five lakhs. If Mr. Parulkar finds out about this, I'll lose my job. When Harshad finds out, he'll make everyone pay for it. You're just repeating them. 'This is all that we can offer.' How weak you've become,You couldn't sleep there, right? Brokers didn't like it so they called it the bank scam. Harshad Shantilal Mehta was an Indian stockbroker. SRTR(Sinhagad-Rajgad-Torna-Raigad) Ab tak chappan 56km trek...Took the route less travelled.Kilometers,time were ticking but craziness kept flowing on trek with Anil Pawar and मारुती लक्ष्मीबाई बबनराव गोळे . They're troubling him. The BR serves as a receipt from the selling bank, and also promises that the buyer will receive the securities they have paid for at the end of the term. I don't remember anything. I know how CBI works. But there is someone else who is interested in meeting you. Yes, Harshad is the boss, right? I have nothing to hide. Left to them, they'll call us terrorists next. Stop buttering me up with this 'God' business. He has Delhi in his pocket. Do they bring your food on time on set? He's getting it in the afternoon. Starring Pratik Gandhi, Shreya Dhanwanthary, Hemant Kher … So, let's not waste time on him. Worry about your own ass. The broker handles neither the cash nor the securities, though that was not the case in the lead-up to the fraud. [CBI officer] 'Sir, we didn't find anything.' But if you know anything,tell us voluntarily. The point is,that my manpower is being used for something absolutely unnecessary and trivial. I think from now, I should be taking charge of this case. You just keep your mouth zipped. Link to register - bit.ly/puneinternationalmarathon I have also paid my respects in the power portals of Delhi. We know what business you do. In the Indian money market, foreign banks like Citibank rule as they wish. In this settlement process, the buyer and the seller might not even know whom they had traded with, either being known only to the broker. Have you ever had water there? Maybe. That's good. Bhushan Bhatt,will not go against Harshad. And who understands what a p**p says? Growmore handles their investments too, right? Right now. You shouldn't have uttered a single word there. Gaitonde's warning could be linked to this. Everyone else is playing their part in it. And so when the by election dates were declared,I spoke to Sahab. Those foolish lawyers who call themselves barristers,and don't even know how to wear a coat properly,Why did you have to go to them? You're sure, right? I'm willing to help. More recently, Hansal Mehta started his journey in the digital space as the creative producer of the much-acclaimed series ‘Bose: Dead/Alive’ featuring Rajkummar Rao. Let me ward off the evil eye. And a parrot often repeats whatever its master speaks. ...How much longer can we keep Harshad locked up? JPC has limited powers. Oh! No. Only the rich can do business in this country. With PIM as a sports viewer I took Small Steps outside my home to view the Marathon Runners and now along with them to promote this will take a long way to go just by taking those small steps Again! Your friend? Start attending those classes, or else I'll bash your head into the TV. Okay? I have never stayed,away from home for so long. F*****g p**p. For now I've only wiped your face with piss. Nag, nag, nag. 'Talk', 'Talk'..? I'll give it to the jailer. You got that? Majid, don't be a traitor. Did you apply for the computer classes? Listen, Madhavan,Think about what you will tell the press, because that is going to be difficult. Parulkar will be pissed if you're late. During this time, he got interested in the stock market and after a few days, resigned and joined a brokerage firm. His car has arrived at the bungalow. Sometimes I feel, they'll even accuse me of the bomb blast at BSE. 'And if he makes such a mistake again...' '...he will be accused for so many more crimes in so many more cases...' '...that he'll spend 10 to 15 years in jail.' That's it. Stockbroker Harshad Mehta w. press re his claim of bribing PM Rao to halt investigation into his stock scam case in 1991, charge Rao denies. And I am not,I am not f*****g around, okay? But please,Please try to understand. Do you think,you've been sent here to drink orange juice? Do they look like prostitutes? You go on holidays together. Can you find out more about Jojo Mascarenhas? And if we find something, we'll take you away. [Title Montage] [Bhushan coughing] What are you doing, Mishra? Don't get mad, Bhushan ji. I am. A parrot is also referred to, as his masters voice. Look, this might be a big amount for you, not for me. I'm aware of that, sir. He is a confectioner. For example? Harshad,the one crore that you gave the PM,did you tell anyone about it? Okay, Swami ji. Bhabhi, there's a notice in your name too. And we don't have much against him. More than 80 percent transactions have sophisticated syndicates involved. These are not just files, but the truth of the system. No, I know, that they won't kill me. This money was used to drive up the prices of stocks in the stock market. Don't let your food sit. These are very old transactions. The reason is that,I know a lot about the country's Prime Minister,and about many others in this party. Did you read Business Standard's new story? All your numbers are wrong. Rascals! Not for a holiday. They made a mockery of bank receipts and did not even maintain proper records for verification. It will have to be a made up connection, because in reality there is none. Tell me. [CBI officer] 'Okay, sir. During the 91 elections,we gave a lot of donation to the party. So, you're going to raid 7 RCR now? Not a money launderer. At that time, a bank had to go through a broker to buy securities and forward bonds from other banks. And now I'm going to order the most expensive wine on the menu. Arrest him. In this settlement process, deliveries of securities and payments were made through the broker. #Kjunga Journey Towards KBC Day 9 19th April: Middle Camp to KBC(5500m) We had agreed to move at 7 am from this middle camp and so we did with Breakfast and PackLunch well before at 6.50am.We were aware on an almost 6 … How much is the order for? Before I appear at the parliamentary committee, you appeared here. Where is he? Have you ever seen the inside of a jail? [CBI Officer] 'Lower your voice!' No one conducts narcotics business from home. Tell those p**ps from Delhi,  ...that I won't remain mum for long. And two withdrawals in Delhi on 4th November. And what a coincidence,You thought of me at the exact same time. Is this Mr. Jethmalani's idea? Check the room. Just 20 days to go! Mr. Rao, it's not only about profits and losses. Wait and watch,when the time is right, he'll come forward like a film hero,and rat us all out. Or, you know that we can make the connection. And I connect them together. Having figured this out, Mehta needed banks, which could issue fake BRs, or BRs not backed by any government securities. Yes, it's a tax order in your and Harshad's names. You don't bribe. Get the towel. Move back, move back. I will leave. Let us get straight to the point. I'm following the RAW officer's instructions. We didn't know this war would drag on for so long,that the PMO would enter the battlefield. How? Search every bloody corner. Got it? What should I do? Every time I step out, they harass me for money. Would you put the Prime Minister,behind bars too? Looks like all of the fake currency is stored here. Yes. With this kind of a crowd and this kind of a heat,let me put an end to all the speculations and make it official. Since he had to book profits in the end, the day he sold was the day when the markets crashed.[15][16]. Without any support, sir? Let's just look at our Indian money markets. [Sucheta] 'As we dug deep into the JPC reports and records...' '...it became very clear that the Harshad Mehta scam...' '...was a part of the bigger irregularities in the banking system.' [CBI Attorney] 'Yes, sir.' I hope you're carrying your card. We have never flouted a single rule. What do we do with Bhushan Bhatt?' The police didn't let Harshad go, what will they do to me? 'What will he talk to me about?' Try to remember. Ma'am, what's happening? Will you answer that? Mr. Harshad Mehta, we don't have a magic wand,which can make everything disappear overnight. So 'I don't remember' doesn't mean I said anything. And I went to pay my respects to him. His flashy lifestyle of a sea facing 15,000 square feet penthouse in the tony area of Worli complete with a mini golf course and swimming pool, and his fleet of cars including a Toyota Corolla, Lexus LS400, and Toyota Sera were flashed in publications. Any news from Swami ji? THE SCAM: from Harshad Mehta to Ketan Parekh Also includes JPC FIASCO & Global Trust Bank Scam eBook: Basu, Debashis, Dalal, Sucheta: Amazon.com.au: Kindle Store Oranges. Now, they will regularly raid us. I don't have anybody who launders money for me. And listen, now,the police, CBI,whatever they ask,'You will not talk to them without consulting me.' I asked you to wet the towel with water, not with piss. Lawyer saheb, talk to them. These buffoons from the JPC must have leaked the information to the press. These further exemplified his image at a time when these were rarities even for the rich people of India. Get premium, high resolution news photos at … There shouldn't be any more names. All the banks we investigated,their books have one name in common. And that's not all. We met during a holiday. Give it to me! Is your brain between your legs? I don't want this case to be a personal embarrassment for you and CBI, both. Mr. Tyagi, I will not waste time. Subsequently, it transpired that Citibank, brokers like Pallav Sheth and Ajay Kayan, industrialists like Aditya Birla, Hemendra Kothari, a number of politicians, and the RBI Governor S.Venkitaramanan all had played a role in allowing or facilitating Mehta's rigging of the share market. He should have nightmares about jail. Look how much he's sweating. Didn't I ask you to lock the door from outside? Everyone is saying, Citibank is a bully. And my sense of humour is completely apolitical and this case is turning political. Right. But I can prove it. brinjal/ porridge Because I have already been mashed. None. It's impossible to run a business on this road with honesty and hard work. ALSO READ – (Hrithik Roshan's beard chronicle) It's Mr. Sartaj. Okay. They are on Delhi's leash, and they bark on command. Do you have any idea how many cases they have filed against us? I don't know what you're talking about. Now it's time,to wake that Swami from his meditation. What about those people,whose life's savings and families have been ruined by your brother? [Harshad]'I was wondering why would the Prime Minister meet me?' After so many years in service, I'm well aware of that. Thank you. Now you decide. How are you going to explain to them,why the investigating officer of this case was compelled to leave,right in the middle of the investigation? I want it in writing. Nayanika's camera is in place. Do you have any idea what you're saying? And I also know that you're the best in our department. They want him to admit that it's his mistake. Mehta.' It was at this time that he began trading heavily in the shares of Associated Cement Company (ACC). Please have something. [Ashwin] 'Another 15 days.' Chhalaang, starring Rajkummar Rao and Nushrratt Bharuccha, revolves around a PT teacher and sports education. Do you have any idea how many clients we have? web search. Once these fake BRs were issued, they were passed on to other banks and the banks in turn gave money to Mehta, assuming that they were lending against government securities when this was not really the case. Sir, the people who are calling us a bully,are the same people who probably couldn't compete with us. 'I should be taking charge of this case.' But I think we should shift the focus. We had a video camera, didn't we? Constable Raut was shot and he fell down. Hari Om. Yes, I knew how they have fucked you over for 20 years. They have just one goal and that is to sc**w Harshad Mehta. But now you'll have to work with the law. All this while, you were living on god's mercy. I want Sartaj. Are you the chief of CBI, or Madhavan? CBI has given an undertaking to the special court judge,that their investigation can only go on till 30th July. You could've called. We have some solid information. You need to slow down, Madhavan. It was I who stood strongly for India,against the USA threat of trade sanctions.